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  • Adendum to "Ashley's Law", problematic iMac VESA mounts and new desks 11 Sep 2013
    I've been thinking recently about items you use a lot in life. For example, the internet thinks we sleep for 20+ years in our lifetimes[1][2]. As well, the internet suggest a person with a desk job will spend 80k hours sitting [3]. What does this mean? It means that you shouldn't skimp on your mattress […]

  • Thanks to the artists in my life 25 Jun 2013
    I walked into our bedroom the other day and saw this: Upon closer inspection you might notice the wonderful colors and fabrics in that quilt: And then your eye might wander up and pause on that subtle, wonderful piece above the quilt on the wall: The quilt and print were both gifts to us. I […]

  • Swappa.com is an awesome site to sell or buy Android phones 19 Apr 2013
    I recently discovered Swappa. This is great site to sell or buy an Android phone. Why? First off they only sell good condition phones with clear ESNs. You won't find any "only good for parts" deals here. As well, every phone posted for sale is verified by an actual employee at Swappa, so there's no […]

  • Sunset and Rainbows 16 Feb 2013
    That rainbow guy may be a Sun Dog, but jury is still out.

  • 5 x 5 Anthem East Trail 22 Jan 2013
    Ever since Hans showed me the way with his 5×5 of Sibley, I've been mildly obsessed with this format. It's so quick to put together and forces to you to think about what's really necessary to tell the story. That said, I think I failed in my recent attempt to tell a *good* story, but […]

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